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Sword plant Gladiolus dzhavakheticus

Sword plant (Gladiolus dzhavakheticus) is endemic to the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia and Armenia, where it is found in sub-alpine hay meadows. Give the gift of sword plant seed adoption in memory of a loved one and help safeguard its seed collection. 

Sword plant (Gladiolus dzhavakheticus) is known from only a very few locations in Georgia and Armenia, and has been included on the IUCN Red List of the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia).

This colourful plant grows on sub-alpine meadows which are intensively used as hay meadows. This activity threatens sword plant populations and reduces the chances of the plant reproducing itself by seed.

Some local residents use sword lily as an ornamental plant and others collect it for its underground stem (corm), because it's edible when boiled or roasted. Another threat to the sustainability of wild populations is locals picking the plant to sell on, because of its showy flowers.

The Georgian name for this plant species is translated into English as “sword”, so it was funny that when the MSB staff were collecting this plant to make herbarium specimens, locals approached them and asked what they were doing. When they answered that 'we were collecting swords', locals thought they were searching for 'real swords' (as in archaeological artefacts) and were interested to assist in making such discoveries. They were soon disappointed to learn that not all swords are made of metal, but some have green leaves and large showy flowers!

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Fact 1

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